Coolest Mario Birthday Cake

When one of my regular customers (friend) asked me to do a Mario birthday cake for her son (as I had done his last 4 cakes), the pressure was on. I didn’t think that I could do Mario, he was so well known, I just told her yes, I would try and if I couldn’t I would surrender and let her know I couldn’t. With my son being a Mario fanatic and miles away, I would send him pictures and have him tell me what to do to make him perfect. It was a great team effort.

My friend wanted a small cake as she was also ordering an Angry Birds cake for her other son ( I will submit that cake also soon), and didn’t want a lot of cake around. The hardest part was having so many pieces and not enough cake to put it on ( the same went for the Angry Birds cake). When she saw it she just said, “Gwen, you’ve done it again”. I was so pleased, my son was so proud and I am still doing all of my friend’s cakes to this very day. God has given me a wonderful gift!!