Coolest DIY Super Mario Brother Cakes

Coolest Super Mario Brother Cakes on the Web's Largest Homemade Birthday Cake Gallery

My nephew is a huge Super Mario brother fan! He wanted one for his birthday and we did research looking at cakes online for ideas for weeks! We found one that was made out of icing that we liked and we transformed it into a fondant cake (which my mom and I are learning to … Read more

Coolest Super Mario Brothers Birthday Cake

This Super Mario Brothers birthday cake I did for my fiancee’s nephew’s 5th birthday party. It was a Mario themed party and he wanted Super Mario Brothers on his cake.  Me being me I had to make it epic which it was. I started off just flat icing it then I hand drew everything into … Read more

Superest Super Mario Birthday Cake NO Fondant Required!

Let’s get honest. Fondant is expensive and time consuming! Ok, maybe I’m just scared of new things. Anyway, you can make a memorable cake like me…EVEN if you have FOUR KIDS ages FIVE and UNDER and you dont want to try fondant. That’s right people. Do it in stages. Freeze it. Cut it. MAKE YOUR … Read more

Coolest Ninetendo’s Super Mario Brothers Birthday Cake

As a kid, one of my favorite memories with my middle brother was playing Super Mario Brothers with him, so when his birthday came around this year, I decided to decorate it from those memories. I got a head start on this a couple of days before I made the cake.  The controllers are made … Read more

Coolest Homemade Super Mario Galaxy Cake

Super Mario Galaxy Cake

My daughter wanted a Super Mario Galaxy birthday party.  I had to get creative with the party because they do not have this specific Mario theme of party supplies. Yoshi was made out of a Wilton Ball pan.  I covered him with fondant.  The cake is black buttercream and I smeared some purple, turquoise, etc … Read more

Cool Homemade Super Mario Birthday Cake


I had a request to make a Super Mario themed cake of just Mario’s head. I looked on Google for some ideas. I used a 10″ round cake for the head and another 10″ cake to form the hat. Then I used cupcakes to form the rest of the face, like the chin, and another … Read more

Land/Water Mario Themed Cake

Land/Water Mario Themed Cake

A co-worker wanted a Mario themed cake for her 8 year old son. She said the magic words, SURPRISE ME! So, for this cake my imagination could finally be let loose! Mario Themed Cake Instructions I had extra fondant left over (Michelle fosters fondant recipe- you can find it on Google).  I made the fondant … Read more

Cool Homemade Bowser and Toad Cake

Cool Homemade Bowser and Toad Cake

I got a call on a Tuesday morning for a cake of Bowser chasing Toad from Mario Brothers. I haven’t really had anything to do with these characters for a long time. This cake was for the Saturday coming up which is normally not a problem, but I was leaving for some meetings out of … Read more

Cool Animated Mario Brothers Birthday Cake

For this animated Mario Brothers cake, I had to purchase 2, cake pans 10”X 3”.  1 box of cake mix per pan  3 layers high, one white and two chocolate, with ½ half strawberry with vanilla pudding filling and the other half chocolate ganaches, which allowed the cake to settle on one side so I … Read more

Coolest Mario Kart Wii Birthday Cake

Coolest Mario Kart Wii Birthday Cake

My son is turning 5 and he’s obsessed with video games. He insisted on a Mario Kart cake this year so of course I searched online for days for ideas and found this racetrack cake. While it seemed easy enough to do, I will admit I had some issues with the actual carving process. I … Read more

Coolest Mario and Luigi Birthday Cake

Coolest Mario and Luigi Birthday Cake

This Mario and Luigi birthday cake is a 10″ round white cake with butter cream frosting. Mario and Luigi and all the decorations are made out of homemade marshmallow fondant. I added a little tylose powder to the fondant for Mario and Luigi so they would stiffen up a bit. This cake was for my … Read more

Mario Kart Cake and Party

I was thrilled when my nephew requested I made him a Mario kart cake.  I myself am a super Mario fanatic. He loves everything Mario.  I started making the characters first; there is a number of ways and materials you can use to make them.  I made the karts out of rice crispies and molded … Read more