My boys requested an Angry Birds Star Wars Cake.  After perusing this website, I really liked the coolest Angry Birds Chewbacca cake. Going off that, I tried to replicate that and also make Luke Skywalker. For the base I made a cake that was a bit bigger than a 13×9.  Then I made 2 ball cakes, using the Wilton Ball Cake pan. It was my first time with that pan and it says to cook 25-30 minutes with the pan, it took at least 40 minutes to be done.

I frosted the bottom cake with a homemade butter cream icing dyed gray. For Luke and for finishing touches on Chewwie, I used a rolled butter cream fondant recipe found on  It was my first time using fondant and I knew I needed a lot of colors and I didn’t want to buy the Wilton fondant with limited colors and didn’t have a lot of the stuff in the other fondant recipes.  This one was a little greasy but worked fine, and I must say tasted a LOT better than store bought fondant  (it uses corn syrup and shortening).   Note, when rolling it out I found extra confectionery sugar cut the grease a bit.

For Chewie I made a chocolate frosting found off the Hershey cocoa container. I used my biggest star tip and after a quick crumb coat, pulled up the tip to make his hair looks helter-skelter. I used the rolled fondant for eyes, eyebrows, beak, and sash.

I decorated Luke while he was already on the gray bottom.  That was a bit hard as gray butter cream kept getting on the fondant as I put it on. I recommend doing as much as you can with the ball cake not on the bottom cake if possible. I did most of Chewwie on a little plate, picked it up at about 2/3 frosted and put it on the cake for the finishing touches.  That worked out better.

Finally I finished with cutting out leftover fondant for writing Happy Birthday and the boys names. The only thing I wasn’t too happy about was the beaks. I didn’t want to go through the effort to make rice crispy treats for a beak base so I just angled the beaks to the side. I thought straight fondant would be too heavy to actually stay on the cake and didn’t want to start putting dowels in the cakes. I think if you used a “real” fondant it would be easier.

The boys were excited to see the cake this morning and are looking forward to showing it off to their friends this afternoon!