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Coolest Max And Ruby Birthday Cake

Like others, my son is a huge Max & Ruby fan. For his birthday, he wanted a Max And Ruby Birthday Cake. After much searching on the web, I found this site. I got inspired.

I printed out an image of Max & Ruby that I found online and made it “cake size.” I toyed with the idea of outlining the image on parchment paper and flipping it on to the cake. I really wasn’t sure if I could pull it off.

I ended up making a second copy of my “cake size.” Then I cut the image apart (Max’s head, feet, pants, etc, etc). Placed the cut image on the appropriate color fondant and cut around with a knife. Then I put them on a separate piece of parchment paper with the image underneath. This allowed me to adjust my cutouts appropriately.

I then rolled out a background for my figures. Added them to the cake with butter cream icing to “glue them. Followed up with some cut out stars for added look. I think what really made the cake is that I got dusting powder for the cake and dusting the blue over the white fondant. I also used some on Max and red powder on Ruby for shimmer.

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