Coolest Max and Ruby Cake

I made this cake a few weeks ago for my son’s 3rd birthday. I used Duncan Hines Classic Yellow Cake mix, and baked according to the instructions. My son wanted a homemade Max and Ruby cake, so I decided to do the frozen buttercream frosting technique. I found a picture online of Max, and traced it on parchment paper starting with the outline in Wilton black icing (in the tube) and used a #2 tip. I froze the black outline for a while, and prepared my other colors for the rest of Max. I used the Wilton buttercream frosting… it comes in a box and can be bought at Walmart for a few bucks.

I filled in the rest of Max using #2 & #3 tips, and covered the entire picture with white frosting using a rose tip. I put another layer of parchment paper over the picture and smoothed it out gently. Do not mush it down! You just want to get the air pockets out. After freezing for 2 hours, I peeled the top layer of paper off and placed Max on the cake!

I frosted the homemade Max and Ruby cake with frosting in a can, and used sugar stars all over the cake. I also used a #13 tip for the writing, and sugar letters for ‘Happy Birthday’. It was a big hit with the birthday boy along with my other kids!

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