Max & Ruby Cake

I got the idea from this site from another Max & Ruby cake submitter. First I made 2 13×9 cakes. Then I made butter cream frosting, and frosted the whole cake. I let it set and then took paper towel and used it to make the frosting even.

I then printed a picture of Max & Ruby off the computer and then zoomed it with my copier. I then taped the picture on the table and a piece of wax paper over the picture. I traced the picture onto the wax paper. I then flipped the piece of wax paper over and traced the picture using Wilton black Gel. Try making thin lines, because when you transfer it onto the cake you’ll need to press LIGHTLY on the lines and they smudge if you make the lines too fat.

After I transferred the image I then took the rest of my butter cream frosting and I tinted it with food coloring gel to the appropriate colors. It was basically a paint by numbers and I used plastic knives and toothpicks.

My daughter loves Max & Ruby and this was perfect for her 2nd birthday!

2 thoughts on “Max & Ruby Cake”

  1. How do you transfer the tracing? I don’t understand. So you outline the drawing in black gel and then press it on the cake? That actually works? It seems like it would smudge and not look correct.

  2. I tried this and couldn’t get the picture to come off the wax paper. not sure what I did wrong.

    my sons birthday is in a week and he’s asked for this cake for two years. This is my last chance to make it.


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