Coolest “Me to You” Building Block (Boy) Christening Cake

I made this “Me to You” Building Block (Boy) Christening Cake for my son’s christening. It is an 8” round fruit cake and 7 2” square fruit cakes. Each cake was covered with marzipan and then iced with fondant.

I used letter cutters for the letters and made the bear from modeling paste. The bear consisted mainly of two balls one for the body and one for the head, then 4 sausage shapes for the arms and legs. I went over the whole bear and snipped it with clean nail scissors to make it look scruffy. Then painted the eyes and patched on with a thin paint brush and black food colouring. The stand is one I already had and iced. Then the whole thing was assembled on an iced cake drum.

The main problem I had was trying to get the building blocks square they all seemed a bit pyramid shaped but luckily no one noticed.