Awesome Homemade Baby Blocks Cake with Teddy Bear

Homemade Baby Blocks Cake

I made this Baby Blocks cake for my Godson’s Christening. I baked a large sheet cake of yellow cake from scratch and also a 13×9 sheet cake to cut up and use for the blocks. Once the cakes had cooled I cut the 13×9 into squares and then froze them both. When it came to … Read more

First Birthday Alphabet Blocks Cake

First Birthday Alphabet Blocks Cake

This alphabet blocks cake provided my first experience with using royal icing to cover a cake. It took 10 hours from the time I started preparing the cake until I put the last little worm on it. It took A LOT of effort, but I really wanted to bake something special for my daughter Aliya’s first birthday. … Read more

Coolest Block Trolley Cake

Coolest Block Trolley Cake

I always use packet mix – Betty Crockers Chocolate Fudge, because you can freeze it a couple of days prior, then carve and slice out the shape. And the kids LOVE the cake – seldom any leftovers! I froze the cake, and cut out the trolley shape. I used off cuts to ice as the … Read more

Cool Homemade Building Blocks Cake

I made this building blocks cake for my niece and nephew’s first birthday. I am a self taught cake maker and knew it would be a challenge. But wanted to give them the best cake ever. My sister in law found a picture of some building block cakes and said can you make something like … Read more

Cool Baby Shower Cake for a Boy

Cool Baby Shower Cake for a Boy

I baked two double round cakes in different sizes and cut a cake board to the size of the top tier so I could work on it separately before stacking on the bottom layer using wood dowels for support.  Each cake is filled and covered in butter cream then covered with fondant.  Using the flat side of … Read more

Sweet Homemade Baby Blocks Cake

Homemade Baby Blocks Cake

This is the baby block cake I do whenever asked to do a baby shower cake. It’s an idea from the Wilton website years ago. There are four, 4 inch, two layer cakes. I usually do each of the 4 cakes a different flavor. It feeds about 50 people. I use a 18X20 in cake … Read more

Cool Homemade 3D Baby Blocks Cake

Homemade Baby Blocks Cake

I used 4 layers of 8×8 cakes to make each block (1 box mix of cake filled two 8×8 pans). I just trimmed off all four sides to make a nice flat edge and used buttercream icing. I used candy melts to make the letters and characters. Just melted them in a ziploc bag in … Read more

Coolest Baby Blocks Birthday Cake

Homemade Baby Blocks Birthday Cake

I decided to make a Baby Blocks Birthday Cake for my daughter’s first birthday after looking at some great examples on this website – thanks! I baked 2 cakes in loaf tins and once cooled cut these into ~6cm cubes (each loaf cake made 3 cubes). Having not done this before they turned out a … Read more

Coolest Homemade Baby Shower Cake with Rubber Ducks

Homemade Baby Shower Cake

I made a baby block as a Baby Shower Cake. I used an 8×8 pan and stacked four cakes on top of each other with buttercream in between after leveling off the tops. I then iced it in buttercream and smoothed out all of the corners. I then covered the entire cake in fondant tinted … Read more

Cool Homemade Block Trolley Cake

Homemade Block Trolley Cake

Freeze the cake a day before cutting out the center of the block trolley cake, then the cake will not crumble away. I suggest using a harder cake for the blocks (I didn’t and there were tears!) Pack the icing around the block, then freeze for 10 minutes. Bring the block out and immediately slice … Read more

Coolest Building Block Birthday Cake

Homemade Building Block Birthday Cake

My step-sister asked me to make a cake for her youngest son who’s turning one. I had the idea of the building blocks so I spent days looking at pictures of how I wanted to do it. Then I came across pictures of fondant animals and thought that would look cute on it too, especially … Read more

Coolest Childrens Birthday Cake Recipe Ideas – Building Block Cakes 0

I made the first birthday cake’ from “What to Expect the First Year”. It is carrot cake made with wheat flour, raisins and apple juice concentrate for sweetening. The brown frosting is cream cheese/raisin sweetened with apple juice concentrate. It was dense and fruity and enjoyed by carrot cake lovers. The white cake is buttercream … Read more

Coolest Baby Shower Block Cake

Homemade Baby Shower Block Cake

This Baby Shower Block Cake started with about three yellow cake rounds, one yellow 8″x13″, and one devil’s food 8″x13″. This was for a friend of mine, her son’s name is Layne so I spelled his name in the blocks. I made a batch of Italian buttercream with less butter than it should have, so … Read more

Coolest Name Alphabet Block Cake

Homemade Name Alphabet Block Cake

I made this homemade name alphabet cake for my son Zachary’s 1st birthday. I wanted something different from the giant #1 cake I’d done for his sister’s 1st birthday but that was still a “little” kid cake. Plus we wanted to keep the decorations relatively simple and weren’t really going with any particular character theme. … Read more

Coolest Baby Blocks Shower Cake

Homemade Baby Blocks Shower Cake

This Baby Blocks Shower Cake is 1/2 sheet cake. I made it a basic yellow two mix cake but I added banana extract for a great surprising flavor. I made buttercream frosting and also added some banana extract to it to. I used fondant for the flowers. The filling is just a banana custard I … Read more

Coolest Homemade Baby Blocks Cake with Teddy Bear

Homemade Baby Blocks Cake

This Baby Blocks Cake is a 3 ingredient cake that taste AMAZING! Here is what you need to make it; graham crackers, heavy whipping cream and Hershey’s chocolate syrup. No measuring required, all you do is beat the heavy whipping cream until it turns to a nice whipped thickness (before it turns to butter) add … Read more

Easy Homemade Baby Blocks Cake for a 1st Birthday

Homemade Baby Blocks Cake

I made this Baby Blocks Cake for my son’s first birthday. It was so easy!! I made a large rectangular cake, then cut off a section for the 6 squares, leaving a large square for the base. Each little cube was decorated in royal icing, with royal icing letters and butter icing down the sides. … Read more

Coolest Blocks Baby Shower Cake

Homemade Blocks Baby Shower Cake

This Blocks Baby Shower Cake was for my sister-in-law’s baby shower. The theme was baby blocks. I wanted to incorporate the blocks as well as make it personal. The letters on the blocks are my nephew’s initials and the objects on the blocks are both typical items you might find on baby blocks with a … Read more

Coolest Baby Blocks Cake

Baby Blocks Cake

I got this idea from seeing so many cool baby blocks cakes on this site (thanks to you all! This site rocks!). At first, I started with the blocks. I knew I wanted 4 blocks to spell out the word “BABY”, so I chose an 8″ square pan and baked two layers (it may take … Read more

Coolest ABC Blocks Shower Cake

Homemade ABC Blocks Shower Cake

I made this ABC Blocks Shower Cake for my daughter in law’s baby shower. I made 3 13×9 sheet cakes, cut them into squares and stacked them into the block shapes. I placed the bottom two blocks and iced, then placed the 3rd block on top before icing it. I used homemade buttercream frosting (my … Read more