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Coolest Bear Christening Cake

I baked this Bear Christening cake for my daughter’s friend for a Christening.

I started by making the bear’s body, arms, legs and head. I then pushed a cocktail stick through the body, cut off some of the stick so it didn’t protrude through the head. I then attached the head. When the head was attached, I then made the white snout of the bear, attached this to the bear and attached a small amount of black for the nose. I then attached the eyes and the ears. Then I attached the legs and arms and finally with a small amount of white icing I made a small comfort blanket and placed it over the bears arm,

Next I made the A B C blocks by shaping small cubes, and pressed the letter a b and c into them. I then cut out the flowers and the name but on the name I cut out really tiny stars in white and pressed these around into the letters of the name.

I baked two 10” sandwich cakes, these were left to go cold. I then filled the center with butter cream on one cake and jam on the other cake, and then covered the whole cake in butter cream and placed in the fridge to harden. When the cake was chilled I covered in white roll out icing and piped small balls all around the bottom edge of the cake. This was then left over night to harden.

The next day I started by attaching the bear and the blocks and the name. I then pipe iced the inscription, then I decided where the flowers were to be placed and attached them with a little icing. Finally I attached a pink ribbon around the cake to finish off. They were really pleased with the end result.

Homemade Bear Christening Cake

Homemade Bear Christening Cake

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