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Cool Homemade 2 Tier Christening Cake for my Grandson

I was so excited when my daughter in law asked me to make a Christening cake for my grandson’s christening. She sent me a picture of how she wanted it to look so the next day I started to make the models for the top of the cake. I made an elephant,  3 small blocks in blue and white, a small ball with stars on a toy box with a duck and a rabbit in with toys. I wrote on the side.

The toy box had to be made in stages before I could add the lettering and the toys inside it. I then made a grey bear with a white tummy and blue nose to be added to the board of the cake, and I also made a blue train, then I made blue blocks spelling the name Billy.  I then bought a silicon mold to make some bows and I made 12 of these and these were left to harden. I did all this over 3 weeks so everything would dry out before I decorate the cake.

It was now time to bake the cakes. I baked an 8″ chocolate sponge cake filled with butter cream and iced in white and then I baked an 11″ vanilla sponge cake and filled with butter cream and iced. I then iced a 16″ cake board and placed the largest cake on and then I inserted 4 doweling rods to support the 8″ cake. I then pipe iced around the base of the cakes with a star nozzle. I then attached the decoration for the top of the cake and the blocks to the top of the bottom tier of the cake, and attached the train and bear to the board. I then mixed half and half of roll out icing and flower paste as this is a firmer icing consistency and colored this blue to match the bows I made earlier.

I then marked the cake in intervals where the bows were to be attached. I rolled out the blue icing and cut into thin strips. I attached one half of the strip to the first marked using a little water as adhesive and stabelised it with a cocktail stick then I twisted it careful and attached the other end in the same way. I continued doing this until all the twists of icing had been attached. I then with a little royal icing colored blue attached the bows in place. Finally with blue icing I cut our the lettering and attached to the cake.

Everyone loved the cake and my daughter in law was really pleased at the outcome. The christening day was a perfect day and baby Billy was so good.