Coolest Merida from Brave Cake

So,after Brave came out we had to do a cake! I started with the Wilton doll cake pan. After cooking and cooling I iced the cake with butter cream and then added a cone of fondant to make it a little taller and to make the transition between her waist and the dress a little more subtle and smooth (it didn’t turn out very smooth). I didn’t have any fondant so I ended up using gum paste for the dress (which tastes just as bad but worked about the same).

I did use a Cricut cake cutter for the trim on the bottom. I also wanted it to be gold but wasn’t real sure how to do it. I ended up buying an edible gold spray paint and sprayed it onto a plate, then painted a Celtic design on the trim and her belt. I used glimmer dust on her dress to make it shimmer.

I got the doll from the Disney store. I liked her a little better than the one from Mattel and she came with a bow, arrow, and quiver. I stuck her in the cake at a slight angle. All in all she was a hit.

Homemade Merida from Brave Cake

Homemade Merida from Brave Cake

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