Coolest Mermaid Birthday Cake

This Mermaid Birthday Cake is a cake I made for my daughter’s 8th birthday party. I love to make sugar paste models, so I thought I would make some mermaids for this homemade mermaid cake.

First of all, I made a 10″ square Madeira cake. I coated it with sugar paste which I had colored turquoise (I used a mixture of blue and green paste food colors and deliberately didn’t blend them completely, to create a marbled effect). After covering the cake, I painted on a wave effect using silver petal dust.

Next, I colored some pieces of sugar paste to make the body parts of the two mermaids. I positioned the mermaids on to the cake, along with some sugar paste fish and star-fish.

To complete the underwater theme, I made lots of little pebbles and seaweed to go around the sides of the homemade mermaid cake. Finally, I brushed silver petal dust on to the mermaids’ hair and tails, and also the fish and star-fish.

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