Coolest MGP Scooter Cake

I started this MGP Scooter Cake by making a rectangle cake (in a lamington size tin) then cut it into the size I wanted for the deck of scooter. I made the wheels out of two colors of fondant icing (white and peach color) and molded them into shape with the white on the outside.

The handle bars are made out of colored card which I rolled into shape and put black card on the ends for the grips. The goose neck is out of fondant icing and shaped then put in place ( I used ice block sticks to support it on top of a couple of container while it was drying to keep it in shape and stopping it from sagging).

I used a kebab skewer that went down into the wheel, up thru the goose neck and into the handlebars (I had pushed up incing into the shaft of the handle bar so the kebab stick had some where to go).

The brake is fondant icing and toothpicked into the deck and back wheel. I cut black card out and stuck a picture I printed of net to use as the grip tape. I also printed of the MPG badge and stuck that on the front handlebars.

The cake is sitting on a small block of wood to elevate it up so the wheels fitted and looked right. My son loved this cake … “wow that’s awesome” were his words when he saw it for the first time.

Coolest MGP Scooter Cake

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