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Coolest Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake

My daughter loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, so for her 3rd birthday I went with that for my theme. Of course I had to make a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake!

The base cake is two 9 x 13 cakes and the main body of the Clubhouse is a cake made in the roundest bottom bowl that I could find in my house…most bowls tend to have a flat bottom. The head with ears, Shoe, and Slide were all made with Rice Krispie Treats. Working with the Rice Krispie treats was easy, but hard to get them to keep the shape in warmth. There are a whole lot of toothpicks holding the two ears on! When I got to the slide, I formed it in the shape I wanted and then stuck it in the freezer for a little bit to get it to hold its shape so I could frost it…worked great! To support the slide, I used some more Rice Krispie treats underneath it so that it wouldn’t collapse.

Finally the head was placed on a Cookie Pop Stick and then placed on top of the cake. It was a little wobbly (I could add more sticks if I did it again), but it made it to the table in front of the birthday girl so that is all that matters!

Homemade  Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake

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  1. This is one phenomenal cake! Just wanted to know what you used for the writing of her name on the cake? And how many people did this cake feed? Other than that WAY TO GO! I’ve worked for Publix for many years as a cake decorator, and never have I seen a cake like yours be ALL EDIBLE! Great job again because everyone else uses Styrofoam! :( This will be the first time I will do a Mickey Mouse cake.


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