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Coolest Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake

I decided to make this Homemade Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake after seeing so many on this site. My daughter REALLY wanted a Mickey Cake, and the one available on the Disney (C) website was just a ‘flat’ one, and she wanted a 3D one. I had never made a cake with fondant before this.

This cake is made of 2 9X13 cake pans, 1 batch of marshmallow fondant that I made myself about 1 week before, and 2 batches of butter cream icing.

Everything is edible, and made with krispie treats except for Mickey’s head and ears, which are Styrofoam. I covered everything is butter cream icing 1st to give it some ‘glue’ for the fondant to stick to. I trimmed and iced the cake once, and then dyed some icing green with Wilton(C) gel coloring, and used a ‘grass’ tip and grassed the entire cake after putting all the pieces together and onto the cake. The clubhouse ‘head’ and the hand balloon are being held up with pieces of metal hanger. The figurines are from mt daughter’s collection, as well I used pre-made sparkle blue gel icing to make ‘mickey’ lake, so that Mickey could fish for red gooey fish.

All in all it wasn’t a hard cake when you consider I have never used fondant let alone made any before.

This cake took about 8 hours to make from beginning to end, so worth it for the end result!

Homemade Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake

Homemade Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake

Homemade Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake

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