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Cute Homemade Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake

This was the first really ambitious cake I’d ever made. I was determined to make my son the actual clubhouse as accurate as possible for his 2nd birthday. Considering I had no training and only a few tools I think it came out good.

I made two 9×13 cakes for the cake base. For the clubhouse head I used three Styrofoam balls- just frosted and used skewers to hold them together. The base of the clubhouse was made using 1/2 of a sports ball cake pan. The foot and slide were both made out of cereal treats. I had actually made the glove balloon..which was also out of rice crispy treats- but the fingers kept breaking. So I decided to scrap it.

The cake was a big hit at the party and inspired my belief that I could make just about anything. I just have to remind myself not to stress out and have fun!

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