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Coolest M&M Butterfly Birthday Cake

I saw the instructions for this homemade M&M butterfly birthday cake on a bag of M&Ms I received for Easter! It was easy, fast & a big hit with all of my friends.

I chose to use a strawberry cake mix & fluffy white vanilla icing. It took two bags of Easter colored pastel M&Ms to find all the colors I needed to make the butterfly. I baked the cake mix in a circle pan & let it cool completely before cutting, then I cut it in half & turned each half so that the rounded parts were touching in the middle. Then I cut two small triangles out of each of the straight sides.

Once it was formed like a butterfly I frosted all sides & began putting the M&M’s in the design of my choice! You can be as creative with the m&ms as you desire. It is a very cute & easy cake. Baking, cooling, frosting & decorating all took me about 45 minutes. Once I put the cake out for my friends it only lasted about 20 minutes till the whole thing was gone…

The instructions had cute & quick antennas that I didn’t think were needed. All you do is melt a fruit roll up for 10secs in the microwave and roll them under your hands on a counter top till they resemble antennas (& place an M&M at the end of each antenna!)

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