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Coolest Monkey Cake

I made this monkey cake for my daughter’s second birthday because she IS a cheeky little monkey! It was quite easy to do – I estimate it took no more than 6 hours.

Here’s briefly how I did it:

I baked an 8inch Madeira sponge. Important to use Madeira recipe as it is firmer and takes the weight of the head.

Cut 1/3rd of cake off. Cover larger piece in butter cream. Sit the smaller third on top of the larger piece to form a sort of L shape (this is the body). Cover in butter cream.

Roll out dark brown regalice. Drape over the cake, smoothing any folds at the back. Form a monkey shaped head from brown icing. Make nose and eyeballs from white icing. Stick to head with edible glue. Make irises from black icing and stick to eyeballs. Glue false eyelashes to top of eyeballs.

Stick two wooden skewers into the body and then ease the head onto the skewers to hold in place.

Make arms and legs from brown icing (Mine has no legs, I had to cover up with jungle leaves as I miscalculated how much brown I’d need!)

Party was a musical minis one so I decided to make a little drum cake which was just a circle cut out of another round sponge, covered in regalice. I stuck on silver balls and used gold thread to make it look like a drum and used lollipops for the drumsticks.

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