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Coolest Monster Book of Monsters Birthday Cake

I made this Monster Book of Monsters Birthday Cake for our son’s birthday. The eyes, gums and lettering on top were made from chocolate (CK Sculpting Candy Kote). It comes in a small tube, so it’s easy to control. I have a small disk mold I used for the eyes. I put down the black diamond pupils, put the mold in the freezer for a few minutes and then filled it up with yellow.

The gums were made by laying a piece of foil over a few pencils, putting down some red Candy Kote and freezing it. I then put icing teeth down in the grooves.

I downloaded a Harry P font, printed out Happy 16th Nick, laid wax paper over the letters and filled then in with Candy Kote. My husband drew the letters for the top of the cake by looking at the movie and I did the same for them.

The pages were made using a wide Wilton basketweave 789 tip.

The “fur” was made using a Wilton grass tip (#234). I make professional decorator’s icing, adding more powdered sugar when I need it thick. The ingredients are available from most cake decorating shops, and the kids love it! (1-1/2 cups PS99; 1/2 c. Brite White; 2 T meringue powder; dash of salt; 2 t creme bouquet; 2 t butter vanilla emulsion and 4-8 T water…and any Wilton colors). Beat on low/med for 5-7 minutes.

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