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Coolest Monster Book of Monsters Cake from Harry Potter

For my daughter’s 8th birthday she wanted to do a theme centered around Hogwart’s Witchcraft and Wizardry complete with “Mom” being Professor McGonagall. After deciding to turn our dining room into the Great Hall I wanted to end her day with a really unique cake and so I decided to make Monster Book of Monsters Cake from Harry Potter.

I used two yellow cake mixes each baked into a 9×12 pan. Cooled completely overnight. The next morning I spread organic strawberry jam over one cake layer and topped with the second. Next I spread three sides with canned vanilla frosting then ran a cake blade around the sides to create the pages of the book. Then I spread on a can of chocolate frosting using a brand new paint brush to give it the “hair” look.

The entire cake will take two cans of chocolate frosting. For the areas over the white frosting and the bottom of the cake, I used a cookie decorator gun to pipe on the chocolate frosting then the paint brush again to “hair” it up. Again with the decorator gun I mounded chocolate frosting for the eyes.

Placing four caramel bulls eye candies into the chocolate mound then piping on black icing for the pupils and more chocolate frosting between and around the eyes to give it the sunk in look. The gums were made from strawberry roll ups and the teeth were almond slivers that I glued onto the roll up with a tiny bit of vanilla frosting. Of course the tongue was also a roll up cut to shape.

Using yellow frosting and the smallest tip of the decorator, I piped on the words, “The Monster Book of Monsters”. My eight year old and all the other guests were truly amazed and the cameras kept rolling until everyone took a picture. To serve the cake, you could also shred some newspaper and place around the cake. Besides the Bertie Bott Beans and the homemade chocolate frogs, this cake was the talk of the party even into the next few days.

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