Cool Homemade Monster Jam Birthday Cake

I made this Monster Jam birthday cake for a wonderful 4 year old boy.  This cake was made to a size of 11 x 14 so I would have plenty of room for the track.

Monster Jam Birthday Cake Instructions

  • I made one half of the cake chocolate and the other half vanilla.
  • I used almond buttercream for the icing.
  • I made black and white checker board fondant to wrap around the base of cake.
  • I added spectators just to give the cake some extra color.
  • I used crumbled graham crackers for sand which turned out to be very realistic looking.
  • I added miniature monster trucks on the track as I know the birthday boy will love to take these trucks home and play with them!
  • I added small cars that the trucks could jump.
  • I decided to have a truck running up the side of the cake tearing the fondant up also.
  • I used melted chocolate to hold a skewer in place so that I could suspend one monster truck in the air.

I also had checker flags that I forgot to put on cake when taking these pictures. I actually just thought about it now.

The birthday boy has not seen this cake yet and I cannot wait to see his face when he lays eyes on it!

Coolest Monster Jam Birthday Cake

Coolest Monster Jam Birthday Cake