Coolest Monster Truck Birthday Cake Design

I made this Monster Truck Birthday Cake Design for my son’s 5th birthday party. He was in love with Monster Jam trucks at the time. We chose to make this one to look like “El Toro”, hence the horns on the truck. I started with a large circle cake base, topped it with layers of cake to one side and shaped to look like a hill, then covered the entire base with chocolate pudding icing.

Next, I used the 3-D cake pan for the monster truck, I just cut it into a truck shape and hollowed out the back to make it look like a truck bed. I used toy truck wheels inserted into the cake with dowel rods. Dowels covered in aluminum foil are used for the roll-bars on the truck. I then covered the entire truck with icing using a star piping tip. I placed car cupcakes at the base of the “hill” to give the illusion the truck was going to jump over them. They are also covered in icing with star piping.

My son loved this cake and so did everyone else at the party.

Homemade Monster Truck Birthday Cake Design

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