Coolest Multi-Pattern Zebra Print Birthday Cake

This Multi-Pattern Zebra Print birthday cake was for a young lady celebrating her 30th birthday.  She gave me the idea of the zebra print and the three tiers, but left the rest to me.  The entire cake is vanilla on the inside. The  pink polka-dot ribbon around the tiers are not edible. The ribbon on the bottom and middle tier’s were cut in half.  I used home-made butter cream frosting on all the tier’s and decided to use pink Wilton gel for the middle tier.

Starting with the bottom tier, I used black sugar sheets and cut strips.  Then I outlined those strips with pink.  I also put two dots of pink; on top of tier and middle of tier.  I placed white edible beads in the center of that.  The middle tier included zebra stripes cut out of black sugar sheets and placed on it once I was finish icing it. The top tier has different sizes of circles cut out of black sugar sheets. I placed a dot of pink and then a white pearl in the middle.

I also piped on the lil designs in pink.  The “K” on top is made of cooked pie crust shaped into a K.  Once it cooled, I put icing on it and then black sugar sheet zebra prints. This cake was a BIG hit! The young lady I made it for, loved it so much that she didn’t want anyone to cut it.  She expressed her gratitude numerous of times.  I hope you enjoy the view. Thank you.

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