Coolest Princess Zebra Print Cake

I made this zebra print cake for my niece’s 10th birthday. She loves zebra and so I did hot pink and zebra print. I used 2 white cake batters and 2 Devils food cake batters. I baked (2)10in and (2)6in layers.

The inside of the cake was zebra print as well. I just read on a blog how to do it. You take 1/4 cup of your white cake batter and pour it in the center of the cake pan and then right on top of that you put 1/4 cup of the chocolate batter. Continue that process until you reach the desired level of batter in the pan. I filled my pans about 2/3 of the way full.

To get a level cake, there are one of two tricks I use. Before baking, you can pin a wet towel snuggly around the cake pan and the cake will bake without a dome. This will add more time to baking the cake and you may want to lower your oven temp by 5-10 degree to keep the edges of cake from getting to done. Or after baking your cake you can double up thread and while cake is still in the pan, run the thread across the top of the cake, level with the cake pan to remove the dome.

I used white butter cream frosting to ice the cakes. My icing was a bit thicker than I would have liked it, so you can always add a bit more milk or even water to thin it. During the icing process, I frequently put my icing tool in hot running water to make the icing easier to spread.

The zebra stripes and balls are made out of Marshmallow fondant. For some reason I have a lot of trouble with black fondant being too dry so you have to use a lot of Crisco to keep it from cracking. I placed a real tiara on top of the cake and used pink butter cream icing balls on the top to cover the metal part of the tiara. I used a bit too much pink food coloring in that icing because the balls turned almost orange on me…drove me crazy that the colors didn’t match perfectly.

Coolest Princess Zebra Print Cake

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