Coolest Zebra Print Cake

This zebra print cake was made for a friend of mine. She loves cakes so this is how I made it.

I started by making the bow. I colored some icing in pink and using some icing for the bow I added some flower paste so it hardened. I rolled it out into a long strip and then rolled over it again with a impression mat to make a pattern. I then cut out four strips long enough to form a loop using some kitchen paper to help the loop dry in its shape then wet the ends of the strips to glue them together and set the four aside to dry out. I then made a plaque for the message and set this aside to dry out.

I now baked a 7″ round vanilla sponge with 3 thin layers of cake. When cold I filled with jam and butter cream and then covered in butter cream and placed in the freezer to chill

When chilled I covered the cake in white roll out icing and then using some black icing I had previously colored the day before I cut out thin strips and attached to the cake like a zebra style print and I then attached the bow using some royal icing. I then made small balls in white, pink and black and attached these around the base of the cake. Finally I cut out the letters for her name and attached to the plaque and attached this to the cake to finish.

My friend loved it.

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