For this Mystery Van cake-Scooby Groovy, I started by baking two cake layers in loaf pans, dividing the batter beforehand and tinting it several different colors to create a rainbow effect when the cake was baked. Then, to assemble, we wrapped a Rice-a-Roni box with tinfoil, and stacked the leveled cake layers on top.

After a little shaping, the cake was frosted using tinted vanilla icing. The “Mystery Van” panels and license plate were created ahead of time using printable shrinky-dink plastic, and they just stuck to the frosting. The wheel case on the front of the van is a frosted Oreo, embellished with a shrinky-dink dog tag also created for the event. More Oreos were used for the wheels, and cut candy peaches and jellybeans were used to create the tail lights and floral decorations. A few crazy candles and figurines and DONE!

The real “OOOooooohhhhh” came when the cake was cut, unfortunately I don’t have a picture, only one of the rainbow crumbs left on Eli’s plate.