Every birthday my kids and I search the internet for ideas on what cake they want for their birthday. We then make it together and I decorate it. It has become a very special part of their birthdays…it’s a big deal. This year the party theme was ponies. My daughter wanted a rainbow pony. We searched and found a Wilton’s cake pan. We made the cake together and then I decorated it with all the colors she wanted. She told me what part of the hair to make what color.

We had made the cake and all was ready for her party at noon. We weren’t going to eat the cake until that night, and had made cupcakes for her party but the cake was going to be the centerpiece! We left to take her to breakfast for her birthday. We got home about an hour before the party started, only to my HORROR to find the entire lower half of my cake had been eaten by my DOG! I was furious and my daughter was so sad, she kept saying “my cake, my cake”. Well mama bear went into action. I told my sweet princess not to worry, mama could fix this before the party started.

My husband ran to the store for more frosting and I frantically baked a new cake. I cut off the crumbly “eaten” part of the cake that my dog got (plus a few inches for safe “lick” measure) and then cut the new cake and pieced it into the old one. I had to make the frosting match perfectly and to my luck it did. It took me like 3 hours to make this the first time and now I had less than an hour. I felt like it was an episode of Cake Boss’s “Last Great Baker”. As the door bell was ringing and kids streaming in, I finished the pieced together cake…and no one could tell! Oh the joy of my daughter when she saw her cake “fixed” was worth it. The pony party was a success!