Coolest Nemo Jellyfish Cake

I recently bought my son the movie Finding Nemo, which he has watched endlessly and now recites! So when it came to his birthday a couple of weeks ago there was no contest about what to make him.

The whole thing took 2.5 hours from the time I remembered I had to make him a homemade Nemo jellyfish cake, and was made with things I had in the pantry. Under this Finding Nemo scene there is a cake – honest. I just did a 20 cm square Madeira cake, turned it upside down and trimmed the edges.

The jelly fish are just mini muffins which have sank (just under cooked), which I coloured pink. I put them in patty pans and then removed them to give a bit of texture.

Dory and Marlin are made of the white icing normally reserved for Christmas Cakes. I rolled it out to about 5 mm, cut out the shapes of the fish, and then coloured them in with a paint brush and food colouring. I used a photo I found on the net as a guide (enlarged to the right size, printed out and then cut out).

Paint the lighter colours first, leave black till last. This is a bit tricky to make as a colour, but mostly use green and red.

The sea is a cream cheese icing coloured blue (2 parts cream cheese, 3 parts icing sugar). The tentacles are also made of the white icing rolled out and pinched at the ends. The seaweed is the white icing coloured green. I then melted white chocolate and added features to the jelly fish, and scattered bits all over the cake. Make the chocolate quite runny then dip in a knife and scatter backwards and forwards.

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