Coolest Nurse Retirement Cake

This is a cake that I was asked to make for a nurse that was retiring from Hospice! Her co-workers were planning a surprise retirement party for her! I felt honored to make this retirement cake and hoped that it would make her surprise party that much more special!

The inside had alternating layers of vanilla and chocolate flavored cake with a generous portion of my homemade vanilla butter cream frosting snuggled in between each layer! (Yummy!) For the exterior of the cake I first applied a thin coat of my frosting to both layers (crumb coat). I let this set for a little while and then started rolling out the white fondant I was using to cover each tier so I could have a pretty and clean base to work with J.

Now the fun part, decorating!!  I made all of the decorations on this cake with fondant. I painted on the red EKG line, the writing on the prescription bottle, and her name, “Kathy” with a mix of powdered sugar and food coloring.

For the little dots/texture seen on the Band-Aid I used a fine holed cheese grater and lightly pressed it into the fondant. I also pressed the fine holed cheese grater into the gauze for texture before I rolled it up (you can’t see it in the pics though).

I utilized Google Search to locate pictures of actual shapes and colors of some more common pills. After I found a home for all the decorations on the cake ~ *VOILA* ~ my work of art was complete!

I was told, “it tasted just as good as it looked!” and that it was a perfect center piece at the party!

Rx Bottle and Pills!