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Cool Homemade Ocean Cake

My son wanted a pool party with a ocean themed cake for his 6th birthday. I took some ideas from other cakes and combined it to make my own. I used blue spray for the water part do avoid coloring frosting and it made cool shading. I also textured the frosting with a decorating tool to make a design on the frosting before spraying it.

Then the “sand” part was crushed graham crackers. I used jelly belly beans for the ocean rocks (ice cream parlor flavors and chocolate covered jelly beans). I also used M&M’s for the lobster and a 3 musketeers bar for the treasure chest.

For the coral I used Chinese noodles and for the seaweed I used fruit by the foot. Then Swedish fish make an aqua animals bag that has puffer fish, fish, starfish, and seahorses. I used a gum ball with sour licorice strips to make the octopus. I was really happy with the final product and got lots of compliments.

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  1. This cake is AMAZING! You are a very creative lady. The colors are so fun and the sand adds just the right beachy touch. Thank you for sharing!


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