Coolest Oliver Cat Cake

My 3 year old daughter loves the Disney movie that was recently re-released, Oliver & Company. For her birthday she asked for an Oliver Cat cake, the movie’s main character.

I baked 2 9″ round cakes and 3 cupcakes for the muzzle. One round cake is for the face of the cat. The other cake, I made two cuts for ears. For one of the cupcakes, I shaped it like an hour glass before baking, this will be used for the mouth.

I made butter cream frosting and then split it into the colors of white, orange, tan, black, blue pink and yellow.

First I frosted the one round cake with orange frosting, and then I frosted and placed the ears on. Next I took the 2 round cupcakes and cut them down, frosted them tan and placed them on top of the cake. I then took the hour glass shaped cupcake and cut the bottom half of it and also cut it down, frosted it and placed it below the 2 cupcakes.

I continued to decorate the cake with details. I finished up with swooping a knife on the edge of the cake to make it look like the cat’s fur and adding a band of blue for the cat’s collar.

2 thoughts on “Coolest Oliver Cat Cake”

  1. This cake is really cute but you should see the froggy cake she made for her daughter. Takes imagination to come up with these cakes.
    Hurray for you Laurie !!

  2. Thannk you so much for this idea!! My daughter requested the same party and I’m having a hard time finding anything for it. What did you use for invitations? I’ve made her invitations in the past but it’s a LOT of work and I was hoping you had a tip on where I could buy some with the Oliver & Company theme. Thanks!


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