Coolest Ever Homemade 3D Oscar the Grouch Cake

Here’s how we made this Oscar the Grouch cake… My wife and I found that we were both good at making creative cakes. We now sell custom cakes out of our house. It’s just me and her and our home oven with materials we buy at everyday cake supply stores.

This Oscar The Grouch cake was a cake we made for my nephew’s 1st birthday. Me and my wife made it using boxed vanilla and pound cake mixes. We made 4 round cakes and one teddy bear mold cake. We cut the bear mold in half and carved the head to make it round. Then we stacked 3 round cakes and placed the head on top.

These round cakes made up the trash can while the head and torso were Oscar the Grouch. Then we placed the 4th round cake on a board for the lid. We also cut out the mouth from the head. We used black and grey icing for the can, and green icing with a hair tip to ice Oscar. I made the eyes, mouth, tongue, trash and Slimy the Worm out of fondant.

It got rave reviews and my nephew went wild for it. People couldn’t even believe it was a cake. It was without a doubt one of the best cakes we have ever made.

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  1. this is my handle-Oscar-the-grouch im so impressed with your cake ! I’ve seen so many and this one REALLY takes the cake I love it ..great job-time to exspanned!

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