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Coolest Packer Super Bowl Cake

I made this Packer Super Bowl Cake to celebrate the Packers playing in the 2011 Super Bowl. I started with two 9 x 13 cakes. I placed the first cake on a large cake board. Then I cut the second cake and arranged the pieces to fill out the rest of the cake board. This became the “Football field.” I then froze the field (or as we say in Wisconsin, “frozen tundra.”) It is easier to frost a frozen cake. I baked a third cake in a football helmet shaped pan. I frosted the helmet in two colors, then added the green accents.

To make the G, I cut out stencil shapes of the oval and the G. Using edible colored spray, I sprayed on the oval shape. When that was dry, I placed the G over it and sprinkled powdered sugar and flavored gold sprinkles. I carefully removed the stencil to maintain the Packer symbol. Then I placed the helmet cake in the freezer and brought up the football field. I frosted the entire field in green and made goal posts out of toothpicks. I used a spatula to lift and place the frozen helmet on the top of the football field. I added chocolate shaped footballs along the border. Go Packers!

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