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Coolest Peep And The Big Wide World Birthday Cake

I made this Peep And The Big Wide World Birthday Cake for my son’s 2nd birthday because Peep is his favorite show, but you really can’t find any party favors for this theme. I make all of our family birthday cakes from scratch since two of us are allergic to eggs.

It’s easiest to decorate after freezing the iced cake for about 1/2 hour. To make the characters, I enlarged a picture of the characters to print out. I then traced the characters onto parchment paper. I bought Wilton ready-to-use fondant (primary colors) and rolled out half the package of the red, blue and yellow fondant. For each character, I placed the parchment paper on top of the rolled fondant and re-traced the pictures with a toothpick to make an impression on the fondant.

I then used a small paring knife to cut out each character piece. For Chirp’s beak, I added 3-4 drops of yellow food coloring to the red fondant to make orange fondant. I attached each figure to the cake with extra frosting. I used white liquid fondant for the eyes and hat, and black writing gel for the legs and other small features.

In the future, I would consider using black licorice string for the legs, beaks, and Chirp’s top feathers since the black gel starting to run and make shadows in the icing by the time the cake was served. I simple colored the frosting with food coloring and used a decorating bag to free-hand the writing and bottom border.

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  1. I use a Wilton frosting recipe that I love and it never runs. It is; 1c. shortening, 4tbsp milk(or water),1tbsp meringue powder,1tsp clear vanilla (Walmart carries this near craft and wedding supplies). You can use the gel icing with this and it holds up great! I use it on every cake I make.


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