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Coolest Penguins of Madagascar Cake

My grandson loves penguins of any kind. He has a cool T-shirt with the Penguins of Madagascar, so my daughter decided to make that the theme of his birthday party. When deciding how I could make a cake for the occasion I decided it would look cuter to have the penguins upright on the cake.

I premade the penguins a couple of days before the party using Wilton Color Flow icing (following the directions on the can.) You can get color flow at Michaels or Iparty. It’s a powder that comes in a can. Because I wanted them to stand up and color flow tends to be fragile, I downloaded some pictures of the penguins from the internet and printed them on Avery full page label paper – the backing peels off and you can stick the pictures to thin cardboard. I then carefully cut the cardboard penguins out making triangular point at the base of each so that I’d be able to push them into the cake. Then using the Colorflow I traced and filled in each penguin directly onto the cardboard. The next night, once they were dried, I turned the penguins over and free handed the back of each penguin.

I baked a cake in a 12 x 3 inch deep cake pan. It takes two cake mixes to fill. I simply frosted the cake white, heaping the frosting on the top to look like snow. The igloo is made of Styrofoam (I cut a Styrofoam ball in half and used a Styrofoam egg which I trimmed to make the entrance to the igloo.) I just frosted it with white frosting and smoothed it with a knife dipped in very hot water. I then made the lines using a toothpick and heaped a little more white icing on the top to look like snow.

I then placed the penguins on the cake and added some pale blue borders. I printed the sign on the computer and covered it with laminating paper so the icing wouldn’t soak through. It made a cute Homemade Penguins of Madagascar Cake and my grandson was very pleased with it.

Homemade Penguins of Madagascar Cake

Homemade Penguins of Madagascar Cake

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