For my grandfather’s 97th birthday I wanted to make him a very special cake. He was born on Christmas day and when he was growing up his birthday always got overlooked. When he had children of his own and they grew up they always tried to make his Christmas birthday special. So we always had a birthday cake for him.

Over the years store bought cakes got old and stale, so I decided to make him this penguin party cake. He was so amazed with this cake that he had a smile from ear to ear, especially when he found out that the penguins were edible too.  Everything on this cake is edible.

To make this cake I baked a 9″ round cake, filled and stacked the cake together. The flavor of the cake was pumpkin walnut spice.

Then I cut out a section of the cake and flipped it over to make the hill that the penguins slide down.

I frosted it in white whipped cream frosting.

I hand tinted homemade marshmallow fondant and made the penguins and trees.

The snowballs are chocolate candies.

The cake was the hit of my grandfather’s Christmas birthday dinner! I was just glad that I could make him smile. He said it brought back memories from his childhood growning up in St. Paul Minnesota… minus the penguins, of course. Thanks for looking!