Coolest Penguin Cake

This Penguin Cake was my first time ever trying to decorate a cake like this. A good friend of mine was pregnant, and she loves penguins, so we decided to do a penguin theme for her baby shower.

The cake is just two boxes of yellow cake mix, prepared as package states, and baked in 2 10 X 15 sheet cake pans. I stacked one on top of the other with chocolate frosting in between.

For the actual penguin, I found a picture of penguin that I liked online. I scaled it how I wanted it and then printed the picture off. Placing the paper with the penguin picture on a cardboard box, I used a knife to poke holes in the outline. Then, I placed the hole-riddled paper on the cake and used a toothpick to make the outline on the cake (making the holes in the paper beforehand is necessary to keep from squishing the cake by trying to poke a toothpick through a sheet of paper and into the cake.)

Using a star tip and chocolate frosting (because I hate how black food coloring stains your teeth), I piped the black portion of the penguin. Using the same tip, I piped the white portion using plain white frosting. For his beak and feet, I mixed yellow food coloring with the white icing until it turned orange and again, used a star tip.

For the background (I chose purple because that’s her favorite color, although I intended it to be lavender. I just got carried away with my food coloring). I mixed lavender food coloring gel with white icing and used a knife to frost around the penguin, sometimes having to use my fingers to push the icing where it needed to go. She loved it!

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