Coolest Peppa Pig Cake

I made this Peppa Pig cake for my daughter’s 1st birthday party seeing that she is slightly obsessed with Peppa Pig and can watch a whole DVD in one sitting (and she’s only 1!!)

I made two basic butter cakes and cooked them in 2 round pans. Also, I saved a small amount of cake batter and cooked it in the smallest tin I had (to use for Peppa’s ears). I then froze all the cakes overnight to make them easier to cut the next day.

Then next day, I used a photo of Peppa and cut her basic head shape from the 1st round cake with a sharp knife. I cut her dress out of the 2nd round cake and cut her ears from the little cake I had made. I joined them together with wooden skewers. Then I iced the tops and sides with light and dark pink butter cream frosting. Then, I outlined the cake with ready to roll icing, that I had coloured in pink and dark pink the night before (when I made the cakes).

Peppa’s arms and legs are made from musk sticks. Her shoes are a large wagon wheel biscuit cut in half and her eyes are a large marshmallow cut in half and her pupils are 2 brown smarties. Her tail is also ready to roll icing.

I decorated the board to match the picture I used from a DVD we have. I had lots of fun making this Peppa Pig cake!

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