Coolest Peppa Pig Cake

After seeing another Coolest Peppa Pig cake on this website I had a go myself for our daughter’s third birthday party. I started with two large round butter cakes (each made with two packets). I refrigerated them overnight and printed a picture of Peppa Pig at 200% (over 4 A4 pages which I stuck together with tape).

Next, I cut out the shape of her head and body without ears and laid it over the first cake and cut as much of the head as possible, then laid it over the second cake and cut the rest. With the left overs I had to cut a bit more for the snout and ears. I had to cut some slivers off the height of the nose piece and ears to make it all level. I needed a couple of slivers under one cake at the join to level them at the neck area.

The measurements for icing was perfect from the other recipe – from 1kg, (I saved a small ball of white just for the whites of the eyes), 1/4 red, the rest pink. 1/2 the pink for covering head, and ears, the rest for arms, legs, tails, and details around face and ears. I went a shade darker by adding a bit more pink for the edging, and a little more red color to the pink for the cheek and nostrils and more again for the mouth.

We used licorice for the eye balls and shoes and finished her off with some red glitter on her dress. We had some trouble making the edging and other facial details stick – a little “writing icing” seemed to make an easy glue.

I’m proud as punch of this effort and this was my first time using fondant too. My tips are use plenty of corn flour for keeping it all from sticking. Roll out large sheets on baking paper and lift it rolled loosely on your large rolling pin. Wear latex gloves for red color tinting – it stains hands badly!! Do not get fondant too wet (a little water can help glitter stick) – and DO NOT REFRIGERATE. Good Luck!

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  1. Well done on the Peppa Pig cake, it’s absolutely fantastic. It’s an inspiration to us non cooks to give it a try!!!


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