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Cool Homemade Peter Griffin Birthday Cake

I made this for my boyfriends’ birthday as he is a big fan of family guy and I wanted to make him an original birthday cake.

I made it by making two rectangular pound cakes which were sandwiched together with jam and butter cream. I then carved the shape that I wanted (I made a slight hollow for the mouth and eyes) and covered the whole thing with the remaining butter cream. (I found that my cake wasn’t long enough to make the whole face, so I used the off cuts to form the double chin and the nobbly parts of the chin which I stuck in place with more jam).

I then covered the whole cake in a flesh colored ready to roll icing. I used chocolate flavored ready to roll icing to make his hair. I used white icing to make his eyes, mouth and tongue (I dyed the mouth and tongue with food coloring but I couldn’t quite get the exact color I wanted so I would suggest getting pre-coloured icing for this or paint it with edible paint).

I then outlined his mouth, glasses and shirt with flavored piping icing.

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