Coolest Phineas Cake

For this 3rd birthday cake for my daughter I baked two 9×13 yellow cakes and cut them up to make Phineas’ head. Tip – a piece of cardboard covered with tinfoil is a great base — no need to buy anything!

I shaped the head (using an enlarged computer printout as my guide) and pasted (frosted) the pieces together and covered with a crumb-coat (primer frosting!). I did up to this point the day before the party.

To frost Phineas I squirted on the frosting with a pastry decorator for accuracy and then smoothed it all out later with a gloved finger dipped in water — it gives it that glossy sculpted look. I also made the frosting thicker and thinner in areas to add dimension. It is a lot easier to do with the frosting then by craving the cake! By the way – I used computer printouts as stencils for this whole frosting process.

After HOURS of work, the homemade Phineas cake is complete! Am I too old to love him – “why yes, yes I am!”

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