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Cool Homemade Pingu Cake Idea

Well, this Pingu Cake Idea was lovingly made for my son’s 4th birthday. I made the penguin figures ahead of time, probably 2 weeks before from coloured plastic icing (Bakels).

I had many a PINGU book to study the faces, exact colours, and the positions they stand in. Each penguin has a small bamboo tooth pick through its middle to assist it to stand on the cake once made

I baked a 10 inch Madeira cake and cut it into an odd “iceberg” shape.

This was covered with buttercream and then white plastic icing. It was positioned onto a cake board with a little Royal icing and the remaining Royal icing was drizzled to form “ice” on the iceberg.

The Pingu and Pinga figures were then positioned on top and lumps of pure icing sugar were used to decorate the board into a snowy wonderland.

It was only a small cake, and very very simple.

As long as the wee figures are made to look as close as possible to the actual characters, the rest almost goes unnoticed….and penguins are so simple.

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