Coolest Penguin Cake

For my daughter Emily’s 8th birthday she wanted a penguin cake. She was so pleased with it and we got so many comments that I thought I would share.

A couple days before I made the cake, I made the wings, nose and feet from rolled fondant. I dyed the fondant, shaped the pieces and put wooden skewers in them and let them dry. The day before I assembled the cake, I used white almond bark and made the iceberg. I melted it in the microwave according to the package instructions, added a little peppermint extract for flavor and spread it about 1/4″ thick on a waxed paper lined cookie sheet. I added some edible glitter to the top for visual interest. Once the almond bark is cooled, you can break or cut into any shape you want for icebergs.

For the penguin cake I used the Wilton 3-D teddy bear cake pan with a pound cake batter to make it more solid. When it was cooled I cut off the ears, muzzle, arms and legs. It looked more like a two layered snowman before decorating.

I made a large sheet cake, frosted it turquoise blue and added a white shell border. Place straws or dowels the height of the cake under the large iceberg so that you don’t have a sinking penguin. Place an iceberg large enough for your penguin on your cake. Then put some frosting under the penguin cake and place it on the iceberg. The remainder of the cake is done in black and white frosting using a star tip with the exception of the eyebrows and eyes which just use a writing tip. Once you are done frosting the body, add the wings, nose and feet.

For the hat, frost a store bought ice cream cone with red frosting and wrap a strip of white fondant around it. The hat top and bottom is done in green frosting with a grass tip.

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