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Coolest Pink and Black Princess Barbie Cake

My daughter decided she wanted to have a Barbie party for her 6th birthday. I scoured the web and found an adorable Barbie silhouette party package to model my party after. Pink, hot pink and black, the colors of this party (even though my daughter’s fav color is blue!). I looked at hundreds of Barbie cake pictures and found two that were pink and black made with fondant that I thought looked easy enough to try (since this would be my first time with fondant).

I asked my sister to help with the Pink and Black Princess Barbie Cake since she loves food and design. The two of us tried our first cake one week prior to the party, and that cake turned out well. The night before her party we made our second cake.

We used the Wilton Wonder cake mold to make the dress, however the cake split at the bottom so we cut that part off and made another round cake and used a layer of butter cream frosting to layer the two cakes. All together we used 3 boxed cake mixes and 2 batches of butter cream frosting for the cake (used another cake mix and batch of frosting to make cupcakes).

The fondant was easier to use than expected. We used the premade Wilton fondant to keep things simple. We warmed it up in the microwave for about 20 seconds, and cut it so about 2/3 of the block was to be pink and the other 1/3 would be black. On our first try, we used latex gloves to mix in the black and hot pink food coloring. The gloves stuck to the fondant pretty bad, so on our second try we greased our gloves with Crisco and that kept the fondant from sticking. We also greased the counter and put a thin layer of powdered sugar on top of the grease to roll out the fondant. We had to move quickly since the first try we let the fondant sit out too long (waiting for our frosting to harden in the freezer).

To get the design we rolled out a circle of the pink and draped it over the cake leaving the folds to look like the folds in a dress. Then we cut a slit down the front and peeled back the pink to expose a section for the black. We placed the black fondant and glued the two pieces with water. After smoothing the pink edges I piped white butter cream frosting to create the swirl pattern down the front of the dress. I practiced the pattern on scrap pieces of fondant. This was the hardest part for me!

We wrapped one of my daughter’s dolls with plastic wrap and stuck her into the hole we had cut out of the middle of the cake. We wrapped her bodice with black fondant and added pink and black fondant balls around the middle to connect the two sections. Lastly, we added pink edible glitter to the pink dress to add a bit of sparkle.

She loved her Pink and Black Princess Barbie Cake!

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