Coolest Pink Bunny Cake

I made this pink bunny cake for my daughter’s 2nd birthday to look like her “lovey”, a stuffed pink bunny (that is about as flat as the cake now because she always sleeps with it).

I used 2 round pans, cutting one of them to make the ears and bow tie. I used cream cheese frosting with food coloring for the all-over pink and for the little details, using a zip-lock baggie and cutting off a very small tip from the corner.

For the appearance of fluff or fur I took a small plastic spatula and “picked up” the frosting. I used Junior Mints for the eyes and the decorations around the cake with some coconut.

I made the cakes the night before and tried to get them out of the pans the next morning – well, they wouldn’t come out! I found a tip on the net – place the pan over an open flame or burner for about 15 seconds (wearing hot mitts of course) and the cakes slipped right out!

I remember my mother making us this cake when I was younger and I really enjoyed making it for my daughter.