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Coolest Pinocchio Birthday Cake

My 5 year-old wanted a homemade Pinocchio birthday cake and they don’t have any cake pans for that, so I decided to do it myself! I searched the internet and found directions on how to draw Pinocchio and I used those directions to help me carve the cake shape and know where to put the parts of his face.

I baked two 9-inch round cakes. I kept one as the circle for his head and used the other one to carve the top pointed part of for the hat and part for the head and chin. I frosted the whole thing with white frosting and then drew in the frosting to see where everything was going to go.

I started with the black frosting, on top of the the thin layer of white I’d already done, for his hair and then frosted the peach part for his face. I added all the details and then I had Pinocchio!

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