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Coolest Pirate Theme Birthday Cake

I created this Pirate Theme Birthday Cake using 12″, 10″ & 8″ round pans. The first layer was chocolate, the second was marble and the last was white. I usually do this to ensure all guests have what they like. I used buttercream icing to ice the entire cake and on the second layer to create the X and dots to make it look like the “X” marks the spot on a map.

The top (circle and skeleton) was cut from fondant (the circle colored black, the skeleton and bones left white). I used pink buttercream icing to create the scarf, to match the invitation. I stacked the cakes by placing each on a cardboard circle that was just big enough to fit the cake. I then placed wooden dowels (4) in each layer to hold the weight of the cakes.

I used a large round tip and medium star tip to create the borders. This was created for my granddaughter’s 11th birthday party.

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