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Coolest Polar Bear Cake

My 3 daughters had a combined Alaska-themed birthday party, and this cake was for my 4-year old, who wanted a polar bear cake. I made a 9 inch round layer cake, and also a few regular and mini size cupcakes.

I sculpted the bears and the north pole sign with ready- made Wilton fondant icing. I made buttercream icing, and iced the cake white, making it rough, like snow. I placed the cupcakes randomly on top, cutting some of them in half, and iced them white. Then, I sprayed the cake lightly with blue spray icing. I piped on the “icicle” border around the top, and the “snowball” one at the bottom.

I placed the bears on, and sprinkled the cake with edible glitter. It was a really fun cake to make!

6 thoughts on “Coolest Polar Bear Cake”

  1. My daughter is having her 6th birthday party in December and when she said she wanted a polar bear cake ( a white cake with white icing with a little mountain on it and polar bears playing, to be specific), I froze. I couldn’t comprehend it. But this is a beautiful illustration of it and I hope to use some of your ideas on her cake. Thank you for your creative genius!!

  2. Hi, my son is about to turn 2 but is obsessed with polar bears. I’ve decided to use the mother and baby polar bear schleich figurines, but that’s as far as I’d gotten ideas wise, so this was a great help!! You are very clever and your children are very lucky indeed to have such a great Mum!!

  3. Hello! This cake is FANTASTIC! My sons 1st Bday party is coming up the beginning if Dec. Where about a in PA are you? I’m in MD. Maybe I can commission you to make something similar for me?


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