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Cool Homemade Polar Bear Cake

I made this Polar Bear cake for my 5 year old son’s birthday since Polar Bears are his favorite animal. I got the idea from this website.

We made two round cakes for the head. We used a cupcake for the snout and a sheet cake for the sides of the snout, ears and paws which were cut in pieces and sculpted to form the shape. We used toothpicks to hold some of it together. The nose was made from round “Sunkist Fruit Gems” covered with black icing. The eyes and claws were cut from “Sunkist Fruit Gems” and then covered with black icing.

We used regular white frosting and tried to texture it. And we colored white frosting with blue food coloring to make it look like the polar bear was sticking his head out of the water. We were just missing the seal for the polar bear to eat.

Everyone loved the cake. It was a really moist cake so it was a challenge to keep it together, but everyone said it was delicious. We had to keep it in the refrigerator which helped keep it all together. It would have been easier with a more firm, less moist cake.

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