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Coolest Polar Bear Birthday Cake

I made this Polar Bear Birthday Cake for my 3 year old son’s birthday. I used a round Pyrex container to build the main head part and some muffins for the paws and the nose. I covered the cake with sugar dough. The nose is a black gumdrop and I used some chipits for the eyes.

For the claws I cut a black gumdrop in pieces. I used some sugar dough to do the water drops but I added a little bit of food colouring to it. The ears are also made with the sugar dough and they stick to the cake with toothpicks. I was unable to find a picture on the web to make a 3D polar bear so I had to let go my imagination for this one.

My son’s sleeps each night with a white polar bear stuffed animal, and he was really excited to get his best friend as a cake.

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  1. Thanks!!! That was (and the pink hippo) the first time I was making a cake with sugar dough. I really liked it too! Can’t wait to have another special occasion to create something!

  2. I baked the cake in a Pyrex. Took longer than usual, but taste the same! The paws are muffins cut in shape of paws.

  3. I got admit you did a great job!My daughter loves polar bears so for her birthday I was going to make a polar bear cake. But I could’nt find a polar bear cake anywhere. I looked on the internet but nothing came up. Like weeks after the party I was looking online for a polar bear cake and I found this polar bear cake and I was like I should of made this cake. Anyway it was too hard for me I thought.

  4. We are going to try to replicate this-too cute! When you say you use sugar dough–is this the same thing as fondant or do you have a recipe for sugar dough? I am really interested in how you did the texture of the bear… if possible any instructions would be helpful…


  5. I don’t have a recipe. I just bought the fondant in a specialty store.

    Thanks for your comments, they are really appreciated!

  6. I love your cake. So creative. Your work has inspired me to give one a try for my sister’s birthday. Hopefully it will turn out as cute as yours! GREAT JOB!

  7. My niece just loved your cake so much that she chose it from all the pic’s for her best friend’s birthday cake. I can’t thank you enough for your detailed directions. I doubt mine will measure up to yours but I’m going to try any way.

  8. You are very creative. It’s so impressive and I thank you for sharing your ideas with us. I can duplicate but I can’t create. :)


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